Goodbye, 2017 (*shoves it outside, slams the door, and locks, padlocks and bolts it*). Hello, 2018…

2017 was a reactionary year. Things happened to me and I reacted. There wasn’t a great deal of planning. I got pregnant, I threw up, I gave birth, I stayed in hospital, I got sent home, I somehow survived the early months with a baby I adore but is petrifying. None of it could be planned and the few things I did have planned exploded.

2018 though. I have hope for 2018. We’re slowly settling into a routine (not nearly enough sleep!) and time, medication, and prayer is slowly helping me fight the PTSD.

In previous years I have made pages and pages of New Year’s Resolutions, some years kept better than others. This year I want to set some achievable goals. The kind that I can tick off by the end of next December and remember I accomplished something! Realistic is the catchphrase. Not a catchphrase I’m terribly good at but one I’d definitely like to be better at.

So for accountability, here are my goals for 2018:
1. Declutter the house following this guide:
2. ‎Toddler proof the living room and Georgie’s bedroom
3. ‎Pray daily for Joel and Georgie and others (my prayer life is never static as I learn and try different ‘techniques’ to stay focused)
4. ‎Finish my Bible study of Proverbs 31! (Now I’ve finally found a form of Bible study I’m excited to work with!)
5. ‎Start and finish a Bible study of a minor prophet and one of Paul’s letters
6. ‎Regular exercise (at least one walk a week) – I’d say I wanted to lose a stone but I need to be kind to myself and r-e-a-l-i-s-t-i-c. If I happened to lose a stone though, I won’t be complaining!!
7. ‎Blog entry every fortnight
8. ‎Make at least an item a month to sell
9. ‎Clear my wardrobe out
10. ‎No-spend (on food outside of milk) January and generally try to find some healthier and cheaper meals. I’ve discovered this blog ( so am experimenting with some WW2 meals which has been quite fun.
11. ‎Bonus extra: completely finish the kitchen (building work and decorating included)

Oh, and minor things like keeping Georgie alive, not burning the house down, and making sure we occasionally have clean clothes and food, are also allowed. 😉

I think those are realistic… I’ll let you know in about a month! Hopefully it will mean this blog is a bit more active too… We’ll see what Georgie permits. 😉

To everyone who has prayed for and supported us through 2017 – THANK YOU. We survived. We made it. We know now, deeply, that God is our Sustainer. Every dark second, we kept breathing and kept the faith and we’re here now. Scarred, wounded, beaten black and blue, but here. The waters did not drown us, even if it felt, and still does sometimes, like we were only one mouthful of oxygen away from it. I don’t want to go back, I don’t want to relive 2017. Maybe I will one day see the good that came out of it but right now this girl is still traumatised by it.

But for your love and support – thank you. We cannot express our full appreciation for you all enough. Georgie’s Army, you fought in front of us, behind us, to the side of us and with us. You people truly are incredible.


New layout, (slightly) new attitude

P1080903I decided to spring-clean the blog which made me start thinking… I feel like everything has been pretty CFS-based on here recently and given I decided that wouldn’t define me, it seems a little counter-‘how-I-want-to-live-life’. So I’ll try and lighten up a little, okay? If anyone has any ideas/suggestions of things they’d like to see, please let me know! I was thinking maybe some foodie/craft-y/look-what-I’ve-found posts but if anyone can think of anything else, bung it in!

A New Look

Decided to play around with a new look for the blog.  Whatcha all think?  Was getting bored with the fussy look of the old one – this one too plain or just right?  Don’t get worried if the look has changed each time you come on in the next few weeks – it’s like house deco, it takes time and living with something for you to find what you like. 😉