New layout, (slightly) new attitude

P1080903I decided to spring-clean the blog which made me start thinking… I feel like everything has been pretty CFS-based on here recently and given I decided that wouldn’t define me, it seems a little counter-‘how-I-want-to-live-life’. So I’ll try and lighten up a little, okay? If anyone has any ideas/suggestions of things they’d like to see, please let me know! I was thinking maybe some foodie/craft-y/look-what-I’ve-found posts but if anyone can think of anything else, bung it in!


A New Look

Decided to play around with a new look for the blog.  Whatcha all think?  Was getting bored with the fussy look of the old one – this one too plain or just right?  Don’t get worried if the look has changed each time you come on in the next few weeks – it’s like house deco, it takes time and living with something for you to find what you like. 😉