Two years on

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It has been two years since I walked into a church as my father’s daughter and walked out as Joel’s wife. Two beautiful years, two years that have had their fair share of heartache, two years of learning how great an Author our God is. He brought together two people and has melded them together in such a way it feels crazy that it’s only actually been two years.

I knew there would be challenges when we married. I was ill, after all, which has put pressure on us. A saying I once saw said a diamond is just coal that did well under pressure. Well, it’s still rough, but diamond is what we have. Church hasn’t always been an easy ride as we’ve stayed where God put us despite deep provocation at times. Joel has had extensive training for his job, we’ve moved house and taken on a project (and a half!), added to which I’ve had ongoing therapeutic care for my CFS. There has been significant pressure. We’ve not lived a rose strewn first few years. But our marriage, the coming together of two lives and fusing of two people? That has felt like two halves being brought back together. I have been blown away by how well God knew us when he brought us together. There is no way we could have known how well we would fit until we did but He did.

As a single, no, I did not believe in “the one”. As a married woman, yes, I do. I don’t believe in perfect people and I don’t believe spouses will necessarily come in the skin we’re expecting but I believe it is possible to walk in the centre of God’s will and if that includes marriage, is it so hard to believe the Creator of the universe can bring two people together who work well as a partnership in His Kingdom (and be an incredible blessing in each other’s lives)? For us, the coming together of that partnership took a rather peculiar road but God knew what He was doing (strange that 😉 ).

My beloved husband, you are such a gift to me. You have served me selflessly, lovingly and with a sense of humour that has made the hard days survivable and the good days a blast these past two years! I promised you in sickness and health and am hoping soon I’ll be able to deliver on the second part of that promise! I love you, my cariad, and am so glad (and proud) to be your wife.


2 thoughts on “Two years on

    • beckaanne says:

      Thanks, Dad! We can’t quite get over how amazing it is now – it’s hard to believe it actually gets even better!! Happy to test the theory though. 😉 Love you. x

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