The Unwanted Season, Episode 6 (Mundane)

I’ve not written recently because what is there to write?

No miraculous healing.

Nothing’s changed.

Just plodding on.

Slight improvement if you measure in milli-energies.

Doing life as best I can (which isn’t very energy-filled).

It’s mundane at best.

I keep believing in a God of miracles and I am surrounded by mini-miracles.  (Although what is mini about God breaking in supernaturally?!)  But I’m still waiting for *my* miracle, you know, the one where I wake up in a morning and feel energy and still have energy at 1 o’clock and am able to keep going without my naps.

We had a guy come to our church and he stood up on the stage and said, “I’m not healed yet.  I’m still fighting this.  But I could stand up here and say “Look, God healed me” and we’d all be blown away by His power or I could stand up here, not healed, and say “Look, God is faithful.  He’s sustaining me.”  Which is more powerful?”

So I’m standing on my stage and yep, there’s no obvious, miraculous healing yet, but He’s faithful, He’s sustaining me, and there is power in that.  It looks like Satan has won because I’m sick but as long as I keep holding on to my Papa’s hand, as long as I keep believing in that God of miracles, as long as I stand firm on God’s promises and remember He has never broken one yet, as long as that holds firm, Satan isn’t even winning.  It’s a lost cause for him.

Mundane does not mean God has fallen asleep.  It does not mean I’ve stopped praying.  It does not mean my faith is dwindling (although yes, I could always do with more faith!).  If God is God in the valleys when it’s pitch dark and on the mountain tops where we dance in the light of the sunrise, is it too much to believe He’s the God of the hard climb that happens between the two?  I don’t think so.  So my climb may be boring at the moment, certainly to onlookers, but it’s not God-deficient and I pray it never will be.

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