Creature Comforts vs. Materialism

I haven’t come with answers today. I’ve come hungry and searching. If you wanted the put-together version, it’s not here.

I was always the one who loved creature comforts. I love my bed, blankets and stuffed penguin. I love dressing up nicely with my collection of earrings and scarves and cowboy boots. I love books and BBC Austen dramas.

Yet I dreamt of African soil and people too.
When the pastor despaired of missionaries going out, I was on my knees crying because I so wanted to go.

I don’t doubt He has called some to go to Africa but for some of us, the call is to live radically in the village we were born in; in materialistic Britain, I can’t help wonder if this is the harder calling. James speaks of true religion and I so often focus on the first part – taking care of widows and orphans – and forget the second: to live unpolluted by the world.

God gave us good things. And yet materialism is a sin I’ve been caught in way too often. Where is the balance? How do we live radically sold-out lives and still finish degrees, do the cleaning, have lunch with friends, buy a new dress?

Where is the balance because I know there is one. I don’t think a God who made butterflies can be accused of hating beautiful things. Yet He also commands stewardship. How can I claim to care for those less fortunate and yet spend money on jewellery? WHERE IS THE BALANCE? What is the answer? Has anyone found it?

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