Toilet Tube Saga Update

My family think I owe you all an update on the toilet roll saga. Prepare yourselves for comedy over a deeply spiritual post…
So I’ve been faithfully writing quotes and Bible verses for about 5 months now.
The change is quite funny.
Let’s see, in the past few months I have caught myself…
…grabbing empty toilet rolls OUT OF THE RECYCLING because I had a great quote I wanted to share and everyone had been so good at putting them (the tubes) in the bin!!
…writing on tubes my parents brought specifically from their en-suite so I could ‘versify’ them.
…wishing someone would leave one so I could write on it…

Quite a difference from the previous toilet roll monster.
It’s become a family joke.
And honestly, it really doesn’t bother me anymore.
What was a way to channel exasperation has become a way to drop a bit of encouragement into my family’s lives.

Cutting out a bad habit without replacing it with a good is dangerous. Read what Jesus says of a clean but empty room.  Sheer willpower did not win this battle. Turning what was a place of cursing into a place of showering encouragement – that was beyond me. But we have access to the power that enables us to do that! We can win these battles – with some definite aid from the Holy Spirit!

I may write on toilet rolls for the rest of my life just to remind myself that small annoyances are really that: small. And my attitude is often the biggest problem.

My biggest question now: is it polite to do it on someone else’s house?! Thoughts???

2 thoughts on “Toilet Tube Saga Update

  1. Elspeth says:

    Haha, I love it! =)

    I think it is perfectly socially acceptable to write on other people’s toilet rolls (oh wow, even public toilets would be interesting…), if they haven’t replaced it for you the visitor, when will it be replaced?

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