Dear Mirror Girl

Hey, mirror girl, I hope you’ve had a good day since I spoke to you this morning whilst I did my makeup.

Do you remember then? You told me I was looking tired and my skin was patchy. You urged me to cover it up with thick foundation so no one would notice how ugly I looked.

You also reminded me that I wore this top last week and how everyone would realise how unfashionable and sloppy I was if I wore it again (and I reminded you the Duchess of Cambridge wears clothes more than once too so I’m in better company than you).

What else did you raise? Oh yeah. How unstylish my hair was and such a boring colour (fyi, I rather like it).

You told me my thighs were too big and my eyes too small.

You said a lot of mean things, really.

But I left you and went off to live my day, leaving you here.

So let’s see what I’ve been doing whilst you’ve been stuck here…

I impacted children’s lives and encouraged them to keep going when they wanted to give up. I celebrated with them when they succeeded.

I laughed with the great group of people I work with and enjoyed time with them.

I kicked the golden fallen leaves and marvelled that even a broken creation could be so beautiful.

I encouraged a friend.

I hugged my boyfriend and heard him whisper I was beautiful.

I fell in love with him all over again as he rubbed my back and eased tired muscles.

I sat at the piano and made music.

I got told what a lovely colour my eyes were (yes, the ones you wrote off).

I whispered secret Christmas plans with my sisters and wrote lists of what to make and buy.

I did all that, mirror girl. Me. The one you told this morning was worthless and a failure.

I feel sorry for you, mirror girl, but I’m not going to let you bully me anymore. My mum taught me ‘if you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all’ – I think you need to learn that, mirror girl.

Maybe then we can be friends and you’ll realise how nice you can be. You’ll realise one encouraging remark is so much better than a cutting, tearing comment.

I hope you learn, mirror girl, I really do ’cause you and I are close and we’re stuck with each other.

Think about that, mirror girl.

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