From My Small Corner

No, I have not dropped off the edge of the planet.  Beach mission did not kill me.  However doing two ‘missions’ close to each other means the rest of life goes on hold.  I’ve started on a few posts that will hopefully see daylight someday.  But anyway.

I admitted that I wasn’t sure about going to beach missions and I wasn’t looking forward to it.  So, fast-forward through several weeks of pondering the lessons and the good and bad and what did I learn?

It taught me that God doesn’t always work in ways we like or are comfortable in.  It taught me that it’s ok to get out of your depth in His work – He doesn’t let you drown.  I’ve learnt I can serve in situations I don’t feel suited for and not completely muck it up.  I actually did door-to-door leafleting for the first time and found out it wasn’t as scary as I thought it would be (hey, I always love a chance to talk to new people!).

(So all that and yeah, I actually enjoyed it.  Now, that may have been influenced by sharing a room with a great sister-in-Christ and her two adorable girls.  Maybe. 😉 But I did actually enjoy it.)

I also learnt that whilst I could learn to be comfortable in this situation, I can serve better in other places.

That’s an important lesson.

There is God-led mission work going on all over the world and I can’t actually do it all.  It doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be done – it means it’s not where I’m called to be.

I would love to say that I’m called to missions in Uganda.  I prayed for years that He would call me out there.  Reluctantly, I laid that dream aside in realisation there was work that needed doing here and wasn’t being done (although I’ll keep hoping He one day changes His mind about Uganda!).

One can’t compare beach missions and the camp I then served on.  They’re too different.  But to be serving on a camp where you can use the background, talents and gifts you’ve been given and care for those many feel incapable of interacting with (teens with special needs) – to be able to praise God for daily miracles you’re witnessing – to be able to watch a young person slowly blossom – it’s an incredible blessing and God-thing to be a part of.

Not everyone is called to work with special needs.  I get that.

Not everyone is called to work on beach missions.  I really get that.

And I’ve finally twigged that that’s ok.  No, it’s more than ok – it’s planned.  He’s called me to serve in places you may not be equipped to serve in.  He’s definitely equipped you guys to serve in areas I would be next to useless in.

There’s a huge amount of peace in me in realising that.

In the words of an old song: “So let us shine—You in your small corner, And I in mine.”

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