The Independent Princess

Once upon a time (starting about fifteen years ago really) there was a little girl who loved dressing up in her grandma’s old petticoats and pretending to be a princess.  This princess dreamed of a prince but, before we get too carried away – this princess would be the one to slay the dragon herself, thank you very much (in beautiful dresses that never got dirty, of course).  She dreamt of independence and fighting her own battles and her circumstances nurtured this in her.  She was happy with this plan even if occasionally she let the thought flash through her mind that maybe it would be nice for the Prince to kill the dragon.  And so she continued, breeding that independence.

Then she hit fifteen.

The whole idea of stay-at-home daughters caught her off guard.  She had career plans, she wanted to fight her own battles and, seriously, did any normal 21st century princesses stay at home with their family?  But, little by little, the idea seeped into her.  Perhaps it wasn’t such a crazy idea.  Perhaps the Bible did say she wasn’t supposed to be out there killing her own dragons.  Perhaps, just perhaps, she was wrong and this was ‘The Right Way To Do It’.

So as with everything else in her life, she threw herself into it whole heartedly.  (Minus giving up her jeans.  Hey, all princesses have their failings, right?)  She gave up on the idea of going away to university, started debating if she should even be going out to work, started refining her homemaking skills (she even attempted learning to crochet and failed dismally – but I wish I could) and so many other things a princess locked in her tower should be doing.  Oh, and she waited for the Prince.

And that’s as far as I’m going to go in fairy tale format because I’m getting confused.  Well, it’s pretty obvious I’m writing about myself, isn’t it?  So back into the here and now – I brought into the whole ‘stay-at-home daughters’ philosophy pretty well.  Heard of the Botkin sisters?  Well, they seemed to know what they were talking about and the Bible verses they used were pretty compelling.  And I do want to say this – some of what they say is sound, is in the Bible and I think does need to be thought about more.  But I took their examples and made it into a rule for how I was to live my life.  My own, unique, God-given life.

Get this: my story won’t look like yours.  It won’t look like theirs.  And what is more – it totally shouldn’t.  Because God asked them to write their story – He doesn’t need me to try and copy it.  He only needs one copy of that story in this world.  He wants my story as well, not a poor copy.

So far, yes, my story does involve staying at home and I am so grateful it does.  I am a deeper, stronger person because of the years I have had at home.  But I will not be standing on my ‘street corner’ claiming I am more godly because I’m at home.  You are most godly in the situation God has called you to.  For one, that may mean abroad, for another staying at home, for another going to university.

The goal is to serve in the place God has placed you, not worry that your story isn’t the same as other girls.  He is God and He has a plan just for you.

Stick to it.

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