One Day. But Not Today.

One day I’ll have it all together.  I really will.  I’ll have an immaculate house, never get ill, never run around half an hour before I should be leaving for work trying to find the top I should have ironed last night…you know, the one at the bottom of the pile of clothes I meant to put away yesterday and didn’t…

But it’s not today.

And it’s not going to be tomorrow.

Maybe that’s ok though.  Life is a journey, right?  Maybe it’s ok that I need some more edges knocked off me and the diamond is still very dusty and covered in rock and misshapen and doesn’t really look much like a diamond yet.

Maybe it’s ok because I’m reminded when I fail big time that I need a Saviour.  That I haven’t outgrown Him yet.  That I never will outgrow Him.  That I’m going to need Him more and more every day for the rest of this life and into eternity.

Tomorrow, maybe, just maybe, I’ll have it a little more put together (reminder: iron that top, or at the very least find it) but I’m praying I’ll be more dependent on Him.

That I’ll remember to cling to His hand a little tighter.

And if I remember that, it’s ok, it really is, that I haven’t got it all put together.

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