Urm, well, hi.

Does the world really need another blog?  I’ve been debating that for a long time.  What pearls of wisdom can I actually add to what is already an ocean of different blogs?  And then there’s the whole ‘put together’ thing.  I thought it would be less embarrassing to write a blog once I had it sorted.  You know, at least pretend I’m not the girl who got ratty with her sisters this morning and had an appalling morning at work and had to crawl into bed after lunch and hug her penguin really tight before attempting this afternoon.  Yeah, that’s me.  The completely not-put-together twenty something.

The girl who is a stay-at-home daughter yet wears skinny jeans, dangly earrings and bright nail varnish and listens to rock music.

The girl who goes on a baking frenzy when she’s stressed (two carrot cakes because of this morning).

The girl who dreams of being organised, she really does, but it doesn’t quite happen somehow.

The girl who believes totally in God and then gets cross with Him for letting it rain as she’s walking up to work.

A non-put-together girl.  Who has a very put-together God.  And somehow, one day, that mix will work perfectly.

But until then, this is the blog of an imperfect not-put-together twenty-something.  Randomly sharing her thoughts.  Her recipes.  Her ‘DO NOT DO THIS’s.  Her crazy moments.  Her ‘When God Steps In’ moments.

Life, basically.

I'd love to hear your thoughts...please leave any comments below

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